Hello, there. My name is Teerawat Wuttiwat. A programmer who likes to work with functional programming.


Recently, I did have a chance to build webapp using any tech stacks I prefer. Since the stack require using Microsoft SqlServer and dotnet framework. and I am bored with C# programming. For your knowledge, I did program in C# since dotnet start. Basically, it is over 20 years ago. So I decide to bite the bullet and pick F#.

It’s fun but…

I could not find any tutorials that teach webapp development from start to finish

But don’t get me wrong. There are many tutorials for many aspect of f# including webapp ones. But ,mostly, they will teach you one piece at a time. The F# community in slack is super friendly. Many people help me when I was working in tough question in F#.

Introducing F# Webapp Series

To giving back to F# series and/or to show off my tiny knowledge of F#, I am going to develop webapp with F# from scratch.

Hopefully, after you finish reading all post in this series, you can see something that can be used in your project. It is also a good idea to spread the love of F# because I think there are too little programmer using the language nowadays.

Content at a Glance

One problem, I found when working as developer is that all aspect of software itself is abstract. It is hard for programmer and client to understand the same thing even though we are reading the same requirement, talking with the same expert, and using the same data source.

The only thing matter for me now is to show the client the software system as soon as possible. No, I don’t mean that you should finish everything and let the client see. We should finish software in portion and let the client see and use along the way.

In summary, in each day or post, I expect to show the client the current working version of software. So that whenever the client change his/her mind for the project, at least, they can get what they pay for. (Hopefully)

Without further a do, here is the list of posts. I plan to do.

That’s it for today. All the code would be stored in GitHub. I