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My name is Teerawat Wuttiwat. I am an old software engineer who loves to code in F# or any functional programming languages.

From Scrape To API

Converting Scrape Data to Api in my Dream Introduction TLDR If you prefer just code reading like me, you can skip to the repo One of the somewhat mundane but necessary tasks in programming is to get data from externa Web sites (a.k.a Web Scraping) and store in easy to use format. These raw data when format properly can be consumed by multiple type of client through Api endpoints....

December 7, 2023

Authentication With Json Web Token

Happy New Year 2023! I finally have time to write this post. And it’s the post, I am eager to write the most. Of all the resource in Safe stack, I found that authentication and authorization is the less well-known one. Be it no more. In this post, I will show step by step how I create authentication with Jason Web Token (JWT) in Safe stack. The next post will be authorization....

January 12, 2023 · Teerawat Wuttiwat

From Single to Multiple Pages in SPA

Introduction Supporting multiple pages is one of the obstacle I found when using safe stack. I think it might be the nature of single page application. It’s like we are trying to fight against simple server side rendering somehome. Anyway, I will try my best to write this post in step by step manners. So everyone will understand. There are quite a few tutorial on adding multi-page support for safe stack platform....

December 20, 2022 · Teerawat Wuttiwat

Persistence (Almost) Ignorance

Old School Persistance Style Welcome back to my building webapp with f# series. Last week, I was kinda exausted from writing and capturing the screenshot for the safe stack post. So this week, we will do something simple. We will not add any new functionality. We will do following things. Extract Persistence Layer Implement new NoSQL storage Create Storage class library Why Persistance Ignorance? If you know about Domain Driven Design already, you could skip this section....

December 11, 2022 · Teerawat Wuttiwat

From Domain to Web with Safe Stack

Hi there. Welcome back to my F# web app development series. Just to recap for new people, we are going to create construction cost tender estimation (CoCoTender) using f#. If you are interested in the domain, you can read the past posts in the series. For this post, we wil emphasize how to connect the domain to web app using safe stack. So there is no need to understand the whole domain concept....

December 5, 2022 · Teerawat Wuttiwat